Daughter of Italian Parliamentarian Converts to Islam

Rome: Italians are in shock after the daughter of a parliamentarian announced her conversion to Islam and changed her name to Aysha. Manuela Franco Barbato is a 22 years old student at the Università L’orientale de Napoli. She is the daughter of Franco Barbato, a former parliamentarian representing the ‘Italy of Values’ party.

Her dad told a newspaper “This conversion is not just bad, but terrible because this religion is too harsh, too radical, too rigid. It is a fundamentalist religion. I am seeing this firsthand, my daughter lives with me. I see it every day. At the time of prayer, she does not even take care of the children and I get angry about it. If a baby cries, it means that he needs something, he needs his mom. I feel a lot of pain for this choice she has made for her life”.

She wrote on facebook “The veil is what Allah has chosen for me, I am proud of the purity of my soul. This is the law of God, who am I to oppose it?”. Her comments were met with a lot of hostility on social media as most Italians have generally negative views about Islam and Muslims.


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